Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I have come out of hiding.... to RANT

I am tired of people telling other people what they can and cannot enjoy during the holiday season. There has been this ongoing debate about when it becomes okay to play Christmas music, when stores are allowed to display Christmas items, which day you are permitted to decorate your house or buy a Christmas tree, and what you should or should not be doing with your Thanksgiving day.... and I am tired of it!

Most recently, Toys R Us has announced that they will officially be starting their black Friday sales a 5pm, 3 hours earlier from last year. For whatever reason there has been this huge uproar from people who believe that Thanksgiving is a family holiday and that people should spend it at home with their families rather than camping out at storefronts to win the best deals. That's a great thought, but the truth is we all celebrate holidays differently. We have different priorities, and we all grow up with different traditions or maybe none at all. Toys R Us has no obligation to schedule their opening at a time convenient for you. When you think about it, Thanksgiving is basically the celebration of the beginning of an era where Americans took what they wanted as their own.

I've spent numerous Thanksgiving evenings waiting in line at Best Buy with my sister and cousins and countless early mornings with my mom out shopping.... Does that make me a "bad" Thanksgiving-er? I personally prefer to hold off on Christmas music so that I don't get tired of it before the actual holiday . But I'm not going to stomp on someone else's joy just because I don't want to hear that music yet!

So please rock that Christmas music... or don't. Everyone is entitled to their own level of enthusiasm :)

I will hopefully be better about updating this blog more. I got pretty busy with life! Maybe I will write a brief post catching up everyone about some cool things I've done since I stopped updating, but I'll save that for later!