Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spring Break

I realized I wrote this up but never posted it!! Oops. Here is a recap of my spring break :)

It wasn't feeling too Springy when I left Chicago on Saturday evening. I spent close to 6 hours hanging out in O'Hare airport due to delays, and by the time I made it back through my door in McKinney it was after 2am. Thankfully I was able to camp out near an electrical outlet and a few of my wonderful friends and boyfriend kept me entertained until it was finally time to board the plane. Those that know me well know that flying is not my favorite, so it was extremely helpful to be distracted during gmy long wait! The following morning Chicago was slammed with 12 inches of snow, so I'm glad I got out of there while I still could!

I spent the week relaxing by the pool, playing video games with my sister, exercising with my dog, eating mountains of delicious food, and spending time with my family. We adventured to the museum, got our nails done, went out to eat, and saw a movie. I spent some time at Keystone and caught up with my friends. Overall it was a great and relaxing week! The weather cooled off a little but mostly it was sunny and warm... which was marvelous! We also did a little bit of early Easter celebrating and dyed some eggs. My parents also thought it'd be funny to hide a few eggs for my sister and me on Friday morning... I will never be too old to run around my house like a crazy person looking for plastic eggs as long as there is still someone hiding them :P hehe.

On Saturday morning I made the trip back to Chicago. It was a wonderful flight compared to the way there! Our plane was upgraded to a larger sized plane right earlier that morning, and not all of the seats were able to be filled. So first of all that was probably the biggest plane I've ever seen -- 9 seats and two aisles across! I had two seats and a window all to myself which was lovely. Before we took off there was acoustic guitar music playing and videos of nature and cute baby animals playing out of tiny screens on the backs of the chairs in front of us... weird but awesome!

I went to my grandpa's church for Easter, it was a cool mix of traditional and contemporary music. It's been quite a while since I've set foot in an actual church -- the place I've been going since last semester meets in a middle school auditorium. I did miss that silly auditorium though! Afterwards we traveled to Port Edwards, a cool brunch buffet place with mountains of breakfast and lunch food and desserts. I tried some crab legs for the first time (pretty good!) and got to meet some of Joan's family. Overall is was a great week, I posted many pictures on facebook but may go back and post them here if I find the time (but don't count on it) haha.

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