Thursday, March 7, 2013

It's National Cereal Day!!

In case you were wondering, March 7th is National Cereal Day! To celebrate this amazing breakfast food, I am linking up with Mama Kat :)

I come from a long line of cereal lovers. Growing up, my parents, sister and I always had two bowls of cereal each day. One in the morning like normal people, and another in the evening between dinner and bedtime. Cereal is a pretty big deal in my family, and my day doesn't feel complete without it!

I didn't really have a favorite -- I usually suffer from some serious cereal A.D.D. and get bored before the box is finished. Pretty much anything sugary and meant for children is acceptable. Frosted Flakes, Lucky Charms, and Froot Loops were some of the best. I was blessed with a high metabolism and a love of playing outside, so my parents never tried to regulate the kinds of cereals we were allowed to eat. The prizes inside could make or break which box we chose at the grocery store, and we amassed a pretty impressive collection of spoons that changed color when dipped in cold milk and a variety of other prizes.

My dad, when making me or my sister a bowl of cereal, would be sneaky and hide a few pieces of another kind of cereal  at the bottom of the bowl, and it was a game to try to find it. My parents were also known to hide Flinstone's vitamins in my milk also. Looking back, this is disgusting and I'm not sure why I let my breakfast be contaminated with grape-flavored chalk... yum. Cereal boxes were also often the target of April Fools Day pranks -- switching the bags around was basically mandatory, but one year my dad got us pretty good with a cereal box full of legos and other small plastic things. My elementary school self was pretty tickled by that!  

I developed a lot of strange ways to eat different kinds of cereal -- saving the marshmallows for last in Lucky Charms, eating my Froot Loops in rainbow order (I still remember when blue Froot Loops did not exist because it messed up my rainbow!), and making sure I had an even number of Cap'n Crunch pieces on my spoon when possible. 

Luckily I have grown out of most of these quirks, but not much has changed between me and cereal. I guess I should have moved onto boring health consious sugar-free things like Raisin Bran or Kashi at some point, but there's plenty of time to eat cardboard later :P

How are you going to celebrate National Cereal Day?


  1. Hilariously enough, I'm celebrating with my box of Kashi. What's funny though, is that I can remember always saving the marshmallows for last when I was a kid and enjoying my bowl of Lucky Charms.

    1. Nothing wrong with that! I wish I could get into healthy cereal because I know a lot of what I eat now is garbage... but I just can't give up my Frosted Flakes :P haha.

  2. I always saved my marshmallows till last too! My favorite cereal has always been Cinnamon Life. I had a bowl to celebrate National Cereal Day this morning :)