Tuesday, January 29, 2013

This one time... I was almost famous

Ever heard of the tv show "Chicago Fire"? Well, sometimes they film in Chicago (obviously). And not just anywhere in Chicago, but sometimes right in my neighborhood!This isn't the first time I've stumbled across their filming (I've seen them by the lake a few times also), but this was definitely the closest-- It was less than a block from where I live! Luckily, there were signs and emails sent out to the residents to warn us, because otherwise I would have probably freaked out when I turned onto Lexington and saw the sirens, smoke, and windows glowing with "fire". I stayed to watch a few minutes and got to watch a fireman climb up a ladder to the 3rd floor and "rescue" someone!

I've decided I'm destined to become semi-famous while in Chicago. In addition to my Chicago Fire experience, once when I was here on vacation we walked past a shop where Jennifer Aniston was in the middle of filming for a movie. Have you ever been in or near a movie or television filming?

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