Wednesday, January 30, 2013

DIY Rainbow Keys

Even though I've been in Chicago a while, I'm still finding ways to settle in and make my life easier. I've always enjoyed doing crafty things that I find on Pinterest-- anyone who has seen my room here or in Texas will likely recognize a lot of my decor inspired by things I've pinned. This project however is less crafty and more functional, but still fun to make! 

I have a lot of keys on my keyring (some of them identical) and until recently was perfectly okay with having to try a few keys before eventually choosing the correct one to let myself into my apartment building. Now that it's getting colder, getting into my apartment as fast as humanly possible is key (haha I'm so punny) and I'd like to re-claim the 30 extra seconds it takes to get in the door. Color coding my keys with nail polish as seen on Pinterest seemed like a perfect solution to my problem. 

Here is a quick tutorial on how I did it:

Step 1:
Unhook your keys from your key ring and lay them flat. Round up some nailpolish.

Step 2: 
Apply a thick coat of pollish to the face of the keys. I decided to go ahead and paint all my keys just for fun, even though it's just the two identical ones that give me trouble.

Step 3: 
Apply a "top coat" pollish and let dry. Mine were pretty much dry in 15-20 min or so. 


Anyone else have Pinterest success stories?

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