Monday, May 13, 2013

Blogging Every Day in May!

Okay so since I've been sort of uninspired lately I've decided to join in on a challenge posted by Story of My Life where I will be blogging every day in May! Each day comes with a prompt that I will be answering, and hopefully you find it interesting. You may have noticed it's already May 13th, so I've missed quite a few days at the start days at the start. I hope to make those up as I go! Even if I post more than one post per day, I will still only post links from Facebook no more than once a day so that people don't hate me for spamming their news feeds!

Day 1: The Story of Your Life in 250 Words or less

This is Amanda: The Sparknotes Edition. I was born in Illinois and moved to North Carolina shortly after. I spent most of my childhood there being really socially awkward, adventuring to a nearby creek with neighborhood friends, and playing video games and Neopets. I also dabbled in being a world champion team member of Odyssey of the Mind, had a decent run as both a dancer and an ice skater, and joined too many choirs for me to keep track of.
The summer before I started high school my family moved to Texas, where I did crazy things like join the cross country team and learn Latin. I also earned over a thousand dollars in babysitting money and took a trip to New York! I was forced to transfer to a new school starting my junior year which turned out to be a great move. High school wasn't my favorite but I had a great small group of friends that I sad to leave when it came time for me to leave for TCU.
Going to TCU was probably the most defining moment of my life so far. So many wonderful things happened in my life as a result of being a student there! I joined the marching band on a whim and marched 4 seasons with the color guard, was a member of a sorority, did many hours of volunteer work and had a pretty awesome set of roomies while I was there. I also worked as a resident assistant, a camp counselor, and at a pediatric outpatient clinic where I decided that occupational therapy was the perfect fit for my future career.
Most recently, I just finished my first year in graduate school at UIC! I received straight A's this semester and survived my first Chicago winter. I have enjoyed being closer to some of my other extended family members while still doing my whole adventurous live-in-a-big-city kind of thing. My classmates are way cool and so is my boyfriend :) I'm not sure where the next year will take me but am excited for fieldwork and graduation and jobs!

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