Wednesday, May 8, 2013

What I Think About Abercrombie

Okay so many of you may have heard recently that the owner of Abercrombie & Fitch is actually a jerk.  For those of you out of the loop, basically Abercrombie will not carry XL or XXL sizes in their women's clothing because the CEO only wants "thin and beautiful people" to wear his clothing. Was anyone actually surprised by this? I mean, this is the same company that only hires attractive people to work in their stores and sell their clothes, and actually hires people to stand there half naked in their store entrances in order to advertise said clothing. The same company that intentionally blasts music and keeps their lights down low and guards their store entrances with a cloud of foul smelling cologne just to ward off any "old people" who might accidentally wander in and mistakenly think they are worthy to sport the Abercrombie brand.

Yes, discriminating against people based on size is wrong. Yes this dude is freaking INSANE and what he said is completely ridiculous and rude. However, I think the petitions etc. directed at this man and his company are stupid. You can't force someone to sell clothes that they don't want to sell. And who wins if somehow the company starts to sell larger sizes? It's doubtful that Mike Jeffries is going to completely change his worldview about popularity and the value of human beings regardless of their size just because of a bunch of names on a page. And as a shopper wanting those sizes... why would you give your business toward an industry that has historically shamed you and basically told you you aren't cool enough to wear his clothes?? I personally have never shopped at Abercrombie, but if the CEO of Abercrombie wants to make offensive statements and poor marketing decisions I will not be wasting my time demanding he change. Instead, I will wait patiently and watch with enthusiasm as his company fails due to his ridiculous attitude that he is somehow the all-knowing guru of middle school popularity. Don't let this jerk make you even think twice about how cool/popular/beautiful/awesome you are!

Mike Jeffries in all his....popular-ness?

you can go here to read more about this story!

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