Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Day 4: Favorite Quotes

Day 4: Favorite quote and why you chose it:

I had a difficult time choosing my all-time favorite quotes, so I picked several. Here's what I came up with!

This is my favorite book/movie quote. Harry Potter is a wonderful and complex series and it has stuck with me throughout most of my childhood until now. It's a gorgeous and unexpected love story and it this quote just captures the whole thing.

This is a favorite when I need a little motivation. It also makes an appearance in one of my favorite songs by Florence and the machine "Shake it Out"

I really like this thought, I just need to do a better job of putting it into practice!

If I truly only had to pick one favorite quote, this one would probably be it. It's a motto I try to live by because everyone has their own hardships in their lives. Instead of trying to judge who has it worse or try to diminish someone's struggles, we should be kind to EVERYONE. Even if that person is rude or annoying or  complaining about something trivial. You don't have to agree with them or like them, but everyone should be treated with kindness :)

On that note, do you have any favorite quotes that you would like to share?

1 comment:

  1. My Favorite:
    "Everything human is pathetic. The secret source of humor itself is not joy but sorrow. There is no humor in heaven." -Mark Twain

    This quote helped me accept my grief and use it as a motivator. After all, when you hit rock bottom, there's no where to go but up.