Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Day 3: Awkward.

Day 3: Things that make me uncomfortable.

Something that I have discovered makes me uncomfortable is holding direct eye contact with other people.

It just feels awkward and weirdly too intimate, even if I feel totally comfortable around the person. I feel like people are staring into my soul or something!

One time in my Psychosocial Aspects of Occupational Therapy course we had a guest speaker come lecture us about mindfulness. As an exercise, we were told to turn to the person next to us and give them direct eye contact for several minutes. I was dying inside!

Most people don't seem to notice or care, and it's not like I never ever look other people in the eye, I just don't sustain it for too long. It's something I am definitely working on, so feel free to mention it to me if it looks like my eyes are wandering :)

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